Day and Night mug


A warm welcome

We love those satellite images of the Earth from space, especially the ones at night that show cities blazing with electricity...
That's what this mug looks like if it's just hanging out in your cabinet. But when you add coffee (or any hot beverage), the sun shines over the entire Earth (a feat in itself), and the world is seen from a global bird's-eye perspective.
Pure landmasses without any of those annoying lines that humans make, the image on this mug ensures you don't have to worry about this going out of date as borders and politics shift. As long as the landmasses remain, the mug's applicable. And if a landmass is gone, you've got bigger problems than your mug.
As your caffeinated beverage of choice cools, the mug slowly turns back to the nighttime landscape. And you know what that means? You never have to worry about accidentally taking a slug of tepid coffee.